Vintage Lace Sterling Silver Lever Back Earrings

Product Descriptions

Reminiscent of the patterns found in antique lace, our beautiful vintage lace sterling silver earrings hold our handmade recycled glass gems in a stunning example of modern recycling!  Glowing inside the .925 settings the earrings measure 1/2" and hang from sterling silver 16 mm lever back ear wires.  Total hang length approx. 3/4".  

 Each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used!

Available in the following vintage glass colors:

  • Amber, from vintage Clorox jugs
  • Amethyst, from early 1900's pale purple medicine bottles
  • Black, from antique black depression glass
  • Clear, from vintage Milk bottles
  • Cobalt, from vintage Noxzema jars
  • Emerald, from vintage beer bottles
  • Aqua Mason Jar, from vintage blue mason jars
  • Olive, from early 1900's wine bottles
  • Pink, from antique pink depression glass
  • Ruby, from 1940's beer bottles
  • White, from vintage Pond's cold cream jars

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Memorable gifts

I was blessed to have been gifted these earrings in aqua from a former patient and his family. I will forever cherish these.


These are beautiful! I’ve bought quite a few for gifts and everyone loves them!


My son bought these for me for Mother’s Day and gave them to me early. I love them!!! So beautiful. Will definitely be getting other items. What a unique idea!!!

I love these earrings!

So funny story. I found these earrings YEARS ago and added them to my Amazon wish list. My SO, being the person he is, has purchased the most random, crazy things for me over the years that are most assuredly NOT in my wish list. After many years together, I think he finally learned to stick to my wish list. So for my birthday this year, I opened these gorgeous earrings and saw that they were from recycled glass and was FLOORED that he came up with something so thoughtful and so much my style that I gushed a little. I was telling everyone at work about them and the question came up about how he learned about this company. And then I had to wonder. And go looking. Only to discover that he just bought something he saw in my wish list. But I adore them and now want all the colors.


I received these as a gift this Christmas. I was just blown away at the detail not only in the earrings but also in the box contents. The card depicting where the story of the glass was such a nice touch. The aqua glass from a mason jar is just beautiful!
The creativity in each piece is astounding. I’m in love!
Thank you Laura for sharing your gift with the world!

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