Stacking Bangles

Fun and colorful! Featuring tiny glass gems from the antique glass and bottles taken from the woods, ground and fired. Wear one or more of a single color, or mix and match any number of colors to create your own custom color scheme each day!

Our unique bangles clip together so the creativity is up to you! Or, order birthstone colors and create custom family birthstone jewelry! High quality .999 sterling plated brass, American made. Bangles measure 2.75" across. Price is for one bangle.

Each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used.

Color Choices

  • Aquamarine, from vintage blue mason jars
  • Pink, from antique pink depression glass
  • Clear, from vintage milk bottles
  • White, from 1960's cold cream jars
  • Olive, from early 1900's wine bottles
  • Amber, from vintage Clorox jugs
  • Emerald, from vintage 1960's beer bottles
  • Cobalt, from vintage Noxzema jars
  • Amethyst, from early 1900's purple medicine bottles
  • Ruby, from World War II era ruby beer bottles
  • Black, from antique blac depression glass