Druzy Glass Earrings

Thousands of crystals are hand ground from the antique glass and bottles taken from the woods and farmlands and carefully fused for maximum texture, sparkle and depth.

A glittering, unique round then mounted into fine sterling silver, our druzy glass jewelry is the most beautiful and unique piece of jewelry you can own! Looking just like druzy quartz, I have named these "druzy glass". Sterling silver rounds measure 1/2" across.

Each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used.

Available in the following:

  • Aquamarine, from vintage aqua blue mason jars
  • Cobalt, from vintage 1960's and 1970's Noxzema jars
  • Pink, from antique pink depression glass
  • Amber, from vintage Clorox bottles
  • Black, from antique depression glass
  • Olive, from vintage wine bottles
  • Amethyst, from early 1900's purple medicine bottles
  • Emerald, from vintage 1960's beer bottles
  • Ruby, from World War II era beer bottles